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First thing I would like to say is I love Skillet and this song is just amazing. Second, as a Skillet fangirl, I like the way you interpret the song, the way you stated with this art that "I'm different. I feel like a monster among all these people." And after hearing the song a lot of times before seeing this, I interpret it and this art the same way.
I like how you color the blood. It actually LOOKS like blood soaking through the clothes instead of the really solid, jelly-like liquid (that only I am capable of failing in) It looks like she's back from a hunt and she got the blood on her clothes. The red eye, the punk style and piercings show and amplify the meaning of "Monster". Red eyes are usually considered dark, evil and sinister and so you used it well.
Although that, I think that headshots are too commonly used. idk, I think that maybe you could make this pop out more by idk adding a sinister background? idk I hate drawing backgrounds lol.
I would actually want you to not use the watermark. I understand that there are a lot of art thieves around but the watermark is also ruining the effect the image has on the audience. The watermark is there right in the center and I have trouble focusing on the image itself. I wonder if thats what watermarks are supposed to do but oh well...
I love this and I hope to see more drawings from you. Maybe something All Time Low? lol idk. I like the way you interpret and draw songs, with the actual ability to do so.
See you around then.
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